Cab & Chassis

Mounting Plate for Cab and Chassis Trucks

This standalone mounting plate to allow you to mount one of our 34k Haulin' 5th Wheel Hitches to a cab and chassis frame. This plate will not fit standard trucks with the bed removed.
A standalone mounting plate to fit a 34K Haulin' 5th wheel hitch. This mounting plate requires a cab and chassis frame, which is not the same as a standard truck chassis with the bed removed. If you have any questions about fit for this product, please contact us before purchase.
Weight N/A
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 15 in

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Product FAQs

Will This Fit My Truck?

All of our parts are customized to fit on the specific make, model, year, and chassis type. This means that if you have a 2015 Ram 3500, you’ll still need to make sure that the hitch you purchase matches the chassis you have: Complete Vehicle or Cab and Chassis.

Removing the bed from a truck does not make it a cab and chassis vehicle. Most of the time, a cab and chassis vehicle will have a sticker located in the door panel that denotes it as an Incomplete Vehicle.

If you have questions about what type of chassis you have and which hitch you should order, give us a call at  (336) 859-3257 and we can point you in the right direction.

We offer full customization and installation services at our fabrication shop in Lexington, North Carolina. If you have questions about a specific part, you can give us a call at  (336) 859-3257 and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.

Our 34k Haulin’ Hitches are designed to haul up to 34,000 pounds, but that number is quickly limited by the law and the ability of your equipment. After learning the towing capacity for your truck and legal limit for your license, you’ll need to take into account the age of the truck, the condition of the engine and tires, and the driving conditions before deciding on a weight that you can safely tow.

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