Gooseneck Ball & Mounts

The 30k Bolt on Ball can be sold as a kit for weld-on mounting plates and bolt-on mounting plates. * Not intended to be used on the EZ Floater Air Hitch.
These Class V bolt on receiver hitches is for Cab Chassis Trucks. They are made of ¾” steel and have a 2 ½” receiver tube and holes for a pintle hitch. 
Bolt-on Ball Kit for Cab Chassis Trucks

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In both bolt-on and weld-on systems, the gooseneck hitch sits atop the mounting brackets, and both types can be removed by detaching four bolts. Despite the difference in attachment methods to the frame, both designs allow for relatively straightforward removal when needed.

Yes and no. While technically you could install a gooseneck hitch onto any truck frame, not all trucks are equipped to haul that much weight. Sometimes it may require the bed to be removed. No matter your towing needs, we can help you install the best fifth wheel or gooseneck hitch for your vehicle’s abilities.

The most common way to identify a Cab and Chassis model is the presence of an “Incomplete Vehicle” sticker near the VIN plate on the the hinge pillar, door-latch post, or the door edge that meets the door-latch post, next to the driver’s seating position. If none of these locations are practicable, to the left side of the instrument panel.

Explore Hitch Crafter's Weld-On & Bolt-on Gooseneck Hitches & Kits for all types of pickup trucks.

Guaranteed To Fit

Each hitch is designed to meet the specifications of your truck manufacturer and body type. When you choose a HitchCrafters Goose Neck hitch, you know that you’re getting a quality, durable product made right here in the USA.

Two Easy Installation Types

We can either bolt the hitch to your truck frame through the factory mounting holes or by welding a heavy-duty steel plate to your frame. Either option can be easily unbolted for quick removal and installation.

Simple To Maintain

Our Gooseneck hitches and kits are made to withstand whatever life throws their way while being easy to clean and maintain for prolonged use.

Great product, great people. Had a Reese 30k before getting the hitch crafter 34k and there is no comparison. The hitch crafter by far is a much better product. Highly recommend.
Ryan B.
We have been working with Hitch Crafters over the course of about 4 months to arrange for our vehicle to be outfitted. We drove to North Carolina from New York so they could complete the job and we are very happy with the work they did. The environment is very welcoming, the staff are very kind. We'll definitely be coming back with our next truck. Phenomenal work.
Volcy Transportation
Jason does an extremely good job! He has a very good team and does every single job with passion and extreme care. He has accommodated all of our hitch/fifth wheel/truck bed custom job needs. I would definitely recommend these guys! Very competitive prices and good job! Keep up the good work!
Relocation Express
Jason is a great and dedicated to getting the job done. Excellent work and experience doing business with them.
Robert P.
Very helpful. Company gave me a truck to pick up trailers (3 dumps stacked). Got in it at 12 AM. At 6 AM, could see that there was no brake controller. HC fixed me up very quickly and efficiently...
Keith S.
I purchased a fifth wheel and Install kit and bracket from them over the phone. They shipped it to me within a week. Install was as easy as can be on my Cab& chasis Ram 5500. Thank you!
Jeanpaul P.

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