5th Wheel Hitches

34K Double Pivot 2 Bag Air Suspension Hitch

The EZ3511DP uses the Haulin' Head 5th Wheel unit and 2 airbags. The Double Pivot is recommended for 5th Wheel campers, Toy Haulers, Horse Trailers, and Equipment Trailers. The Double Pivot head allows the truck and trailer to move across uneven terrain without binding.

EZ Floater Air Suspension Hitch

Meet the EZ Floater Air Suspension Hitch – your ticket to an upgraded towing experience. Engineered for enhanced ride comfort, this hitch utilizes airbags to absorb road shocks, ensuring a remarkably smooth journey. Beyond just improving your ride, it plays a crucial role in preserving your vehicle and trailer components. The EZ Floater, equipped with the Smart Air II automatic leveling compressor system, takes convenience up a notch by automatically adding or removing air as needed. Upgrade your towing game with the Air Suspension Hitch – because a smoother ride is just the beginning.
Weight 325 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 15 in
Gross Trailer Weight Capacity

10,000 lbs, 34,000

Load Capacity

10,000 lbs. Maximum Vertical Load, 30,000 lbs. Maximum Vertical Load

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