5th Wheel Hitches

34K Haulin' Head Double Pivot Unit

This is the 34k Haulin' Low Profile Double Pivot 5th wheel. This unit pivots front to back and side to side.  This unit has a 1/2" bolt plate with 4.75" bolt holes. There are 5 grease fittings, 2 located on top of the 5 wheel for the jaw pivot points two located at the bottom front for the pivot pins on the sides, and one for the side-to-side pivot point.

Double Pivot 5th Wheel Hitches

Introducing our Haulin' 34K Double Pivot 5th Wheel Hitch – the ultimate in towing precision. With a dual-axis pivot, it effortlessly moves front to back and side to side for unmatched control. Perfect for 5th Wheel campers and Horse Trailers, this hitch delivers a smooth, stable connection on any terrain. Its durable construction ensures reliability, while the user-friendly design makes hitching and unhitching a breeze. Elevate your towing game with the Double Pivot 5th Wheel Hitch – where versatility meets simplicity for a superior towing experience.
Weight 120 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 8 in
Gross Trailer Weight Capacity

10,000 lbs, 34,000

Load Capacity

10,000 lbs. Maximum Vertical Load, 30,000 lbs. Maximum Vertical Load

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